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A comedy about finding grace and other things that get away. (comedy/drama, 11 minutes, 2015)



Melody and Chase are dancers. They're young and beautiful. They're broke and starving. They're absolutely terrified. (comedy/drama, 12 minutes, 2013)



A film about truth, fiction, cinema, ambition, action, wisdom, karma, chaos, cash, control and winning big. (comedy, 21 minutes, 2012)



She's planning a big day with someone special. (romantic comedy, 4 minutes, 2011)



They may have gone a bridge too far. (romance, 4 minutes, 2010)



An astonishingly profane tribute to our nation's greatest President. (comedy, 6 minutes, 2009)



A look at the gentrification of Williamsburg through the eyes of disillusioned Star Wars fans. (comedy-drama, 13 minutes, 2008)



A short spinoff from The World of the End about the futility of summing up one's life in one page. (animation, 3 minutes, 2007)



The story of a girl getting halfway through her quarterlife crisis. (drama, 19 minutes, 2006)



A lonely young man adopts a cat and imagines it as human. (romantic comedy, 14 minutes, 2005)



Adventure lives forever in the heart of a boy. (drama, 16 minutes, 2006)



An experimental romantic comedy about the connections between love and filmmaking. (romantic comedy, 9 minutes, 2004)



A you-are-there, fly-on-the-wall look behind the scenes of a student film. (documentary, 13 minutes, 2004)



The wacky antics of Dictator Federico Olive and his irrepressible buddies. You never know what'll happen or who'll be executed next! (sitcom, 11 minutes, 2004)



Philip's woman left him and his two-bit job is going nowhere. Sometimes you gotta be yourself… sometimes you gotta go Hollywood. (comedy, 20 minutes, 2004)



The fourteenth chapter of the biggest serial of the 1930s, as the Intergalactic Safety League lands on the planet of Tranquilia. (sci-fi, 4 minutes, 2004)



When a massive blackout tosses his slacker lifestyle into upheaval, Sparky Peterson is forced to amuse himself. (comedy, 5 minutes, 2003)

Three stars — Film Threat



The Empire Strikes Back meets Run Lola Run: Princess Leia has twenty minutes to save Han Solo's life. (animation, 16 minutes, 2003)

Starring Will Butler of Arcade Fire.



What two nice kids on a first date are really thinking. (animation, 2 minutes, 2002)

Starring Will Butler of Arcade Fire.



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