***UPDATE: 4/6/12

On September 25, 2010 my good friend Adam—the webmaster for this site—went missing.

If you’ve been following this site for a while you’ll know that he went to visit Camp Hero State Park in Montauk, NY to investigate the mysterious Montauk Project. Adam’s friends, including myself, thought this website and his obsession with this urban legend of his was nothing more then a silly hobby.

But then Adam never came home from his trip.

I am a police officer on Long Island, so I must keep my identity a secret. I’ve had access to many different resources and let’s just say I am now a believer. I’m hoping that these resources will help me figure out what happened to Adam and to everyone else who went missing on 9/25/10. 

I’ve been afraid to come forward in the past but I don’t know where else to turn. It’s been over a year and I just want to know where my friend is.

I cut a “movie trailer” of sorts from evidence discovered that day… click the Play button on the thumbnail below. Note: the thumbnail is actually my friend Adam's car!

I hope to create a buzz of awareness to this incident. No one is reporting this incident—hell, I’m a police officer and I can’t get any assistance on the case. I don’t care if this costs me my job. Being caught with this footage will all but guarantee that. People are missing… why is this being covered up?!  I’m starting to sound like Adam now, I suppose.

If you have any information on Adam, or anyone else that went missing on 9/25/10 in Montauk please contact me at theseeker@thephoenixlives.com

— The seeker


~*~ _ What is the Montauk Project? _ ~*~

It was (or still is?????) a secret government project setup in Camp Hero State Park in Montauk, NY.  It was a spin-off of the Philadelphia Experiment, first known as the Phoenix Project.  As a Long Island native, who spent many summers in Montauk, hearing about the local legend, I have become obsessed with trying to find out any information I can.  With recent discoveries like The Montauk Monster, I am convinced the Project is still active. 

Today, Camp Hero is a public state park.  Yet, areas are still limited in access.  Why?  What is hiding beneath the surface?  It is my belief that the Phoenix Project still lives!!!

• Please click on “The Facts” section where I have put together a timetable history of The Montauk Project.

• Please click on “The Blog” section to follow my journey as I prepare to visit Camp Hero and once and for all solve all of the mysteries surrounding the Montauk Project.

— Adam